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Why hire a wedding magician?

Planning a wedding is a challenge. You’ve got so much to think about and sort it can really take its toll. Hopefully you’re getting all the support needed from your partner.

Some people are lucky to have a lot of time to plan their wedding. Yet the year, or even years, to plan soon turns into months. Getting on top of your plans is essential, and whatever you can tick off your list will lift some pressure.

While you’ve been busy picking your venue, choosing dresses and suits, deciding on food, and trying to avoid family confrontation in your seating plan, you may not have completely decided on the entertainment for your wedding.

Chances are you may have a couple of ideas kicking around for the wedding entertainment. They’re either too pricey, don’t quite fit into your theme for the day, or you don’t feel they will entertain everyone at your wedding. I may just have the answer for you.

The title gives away what this blog is about, but I want to show you why hiring a wedding magician is just right for you.

Every reason to hire a wedding magician for your big day

Why hire a wedding magician in Hampshire

Magicians can offer something totally unique to your day

There’s nothing quite like seeing a magician perform right in front of you. It brings back all kinds of childhood memories, and the tricks will most definitely impress you.

Best of all, magicians are creative. If you want your magician to embrace you as the newly wedded couple, or involve certain themes into their performance that the guests will recognise as something personal to you, then there will be some tricks the magician can tailor to add that extra wow-factor.

Magicians entertain your guests, so you don’t have to

Probably one of the biggest benefits to hiring a magician - they’re entertainers. They know how to work a room and they’ll be able to speak to as many people as possible.

While the magician is keeping your guests entertained it means you can spend as much time as possible together. And let’s face it, you’ll be busy enough on the big day you won’t be able to host like you would on any other occasion you’re hosting. You’ll be trying to talk to people and working with your wedding photographer to get those all important shots as the new married couple!

There will never be a moment where your guests feel like an awkward spare part when there’s a magician around.

When you’re having fun, your guests will have fun too

Let’s not beat around the bush here - the entertainment isn’t just for your guests, it’s for you to enjoy too. If you’re having fun with the magician, then your guests will too.

Magicians can help lighten the mood and make sure you as the newly married couple aren’t getting stressed. You’ll get some down time to enjoy the magic too.

Who doesn’t love a close up magician?

Close up magician for weddings in Hampshire

A magician is the perfect solution for your wedding entertainment, especially if you’re looking to entertain children and adults. It’s hard to find something that everyone will enjoy.

Everyone at some point in their childhood has experienced or aspired to do magic. So a magician at your wedding is a nice breath of fresh air, giving every even better feel good vibes.

Children love magic, but I can tell you, adults get just as excited by it too!

Great coverage for your day - Magicians can perform intimate magic with guests before the ceremony, at dinner, and put on a show after dinner

Admittedly, not every magician can offer this kind of service, but it’s still a great option to discuss with any wedding magician you’re looking to hire.

In my ‘The Happy Ever Laughter’ package, it can include the option for a 30 minute stage performance for everyone to enjoy!

Magicians are great at blending in with your guests

Sometimes for a wedding you don’t want your entertainment to be the sole focus of all your wedding guests. With a DJ for example, it’s a risky game because the aim is to get everyone on the dancefloor, but not everyone finds that fun.

This is where a magician is a perfect choice. Not to necessarily replace a DJ, but to coincide with them. For all of those who either are not interested in dancing or find a song comes on they don’t like, then they’ll be greeted with the cheeky grin of the magician pulling out their deck of cards.

Magicians complement other entertainment that’s going on

Wedding magician complements disco and DJ at wedding in Hampshire

There are only so many songs you can love enough to get up on the dancefloor, or so many pictures you can take with family and friends in a photo booth, there needs to be something else to help keep guests entertained.

Magicians complement other entertainment perfectly. With a magician, you’ll even find that guests will sometimes have multiple interactions with the magician over the course of the day/evening, depending on how long they’re booked for.

Magicians will work around you

A magician will be able to entertain whenever you would like them to. If you’re going the traditional route, a magician is usually meandering amongst your guests during the drinks reception, wedding breakfast, or evening reception.

Magicians are just fun!

The magic of your magician will just add that extra sparkle to your wedding. Providing you and your guests with the best memories of YOUR wedding day.

Would you like to chat to a wedding magician in Hampshire?

I hope this blog has helped to answer some of your questions. For any further questions, then please do get in touch and let’s discuss your big day!

Marcus Bailer Magician


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