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Simply the Guest!

The looks of wonder and joy. The sounds of cheers and applause. We could be talking about the ceremony here, or indeed the speeches. A concoction of emotions surge through each guest, each having their own unique experience of the moment.

As a Professional Magician I find it fascinating what newlyweds consider entertainment to be, and what is it's purpose is on the day. Of course, we are all different and our perspectives and opinions are varied on the answer to this question. However I believe it would be time well spent in giving some thought as to what you can offer your guests as a form of entertainment.

In a recent survey, I recently found that entertainment for a Wedding Day is only 8th on a list of priorities, which seems to suggest that it is not at the forefront of soon to be married couples.

On another survey of worries for the day, number 6 was 'the guests will be bored,' and that in fact, 60% of the survey showed Brides were worried that their guests will be bored at the reception.

Finally from a poll of Brides, it was reported that on reflection, a whopping 78% wish they had spent more time on entertainment and nearly 100% wish they had spent more money on entertainment.

So with this in mind, on your Big Day, the one thing that couples often neglect, is simply spending time with each other. The newlyweds, sharing precious time on an occasion that is uniquely special to you both.

One of the best ways to eradicate these concerns is to have things in place so that when free time does arise for you both, you are at ease and enjoying the moment with EACH OTHER, with the reassurance, that your guests are relaxed, having fun and experiencing, for themselves, moments to treasure.

Here a few questions I encourage you to reflect on.

  1. How do you want your guests to remember your Big Day?

  2. What do you want your guests to experience on the day?

  3. Why do your guests deserve your hospitality?

  4. Where would some form of entertainment ideally take place during the schedule, and why?

  5. What can you acquire, entertainment wise, that is DIFFERENT to other weddings, and can bring something unique to the table that others cannot?

Ultimately, everyone is different, so it really comes down to how you want to FEEL on YOUR day and what is required for you both. Equally, I would recommend you also think of how you want YOUR guests to FEEL and how you want them to remember your Wedding day.

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